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Welcome to Orange Tea Corporate. We pride ourselves on being the
first place to look for English-language actors for the Dutch corporate sector.

About us

We provide actors for role-play, corporate training and communication skills for the international business community. Being an attractive business space for global interests, Dutch companies often find themselves using English as a business language. Our expert performers have backgrounds ranging from storytelling, to theatre, to business management. Together, we can help you achieve your goals through excellent improvisation, feedback and above all, English language expertise.

Among others, our actors have worked for:

  • British Government
  • NHS
  • UK Fire Service
  • UK Association of Colleges
  • Atradius Insurance Worldwide

Why roleplay? »

Why roleplay?

If you’ve ever used role-play actors in your training before, you’ll know that it brings an extra dimension into the room. Accurately simulating situations, intuitive feedback and an authentic immediacy all mean that training using actors is consistently highly rated amongst participants, and delivers results that stick. Whether you are dealing with a structural change, team cohesion, employee motivation or conflict resolution, we provide a safe space for participants to experiment, leading to long lasting behavioural change.

If you’ve never used actors in a training situation before, ask around. We find that trainers say they are more able to concentrate on the leadership and encouragement of a group, and maintain a distinction of role between themselves and the scenario being explored by using the expertise of an actor to pinpoint particular training needs.

Why use English? »

Why English, why us?

Ever requested fluent English speakers, only to find that they don’t quite live up to expectations? That’s where we come in. Our team of professionals are either native English speakers or completely fluent. If you’re wondering why this makes a difference, think of all those things that get lost in translation - the turns of phrase, the subtleties of language use and intonation. Our actors are guaranteed to pick up and give feedback in such a level of detail.

Our flexible actors use a wide range of behavioural models and training techniques including the Regie model, Meyers Briggs personality types, SMART goals, and Roos van Leary. We can also work with you beforehand to insure the best partnership between our actors and your preferred working methods.

Meet our actors »

Our actors

Alan Morris

Alan studied at the Cardiff College of Music and Drama in Wales, and has worked in theatre, voiceover, TV, film and opera. As well as running well-received Shakespeare programmes for the educational environment, Alan has also work in roleplay and coaching for RVS Financial Services Netherland, business simulations for Shell and a large range of training programmes for Philips. His range of experience allows him to draw on many sources quickly and easily, creating effective and realistic situations.

Daniel Cecil

Daniel Cecil is a copywriter and part-time actor. His theater studies began at Baldwin-Wallace College and Hull University Scarborough, before moving on to further training with Victor D'altorio in the Meisner Technique, and at the Terry Schreiber Studio in New York City. Daniel has appeared in several venues in NYC, at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, the Buxton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, and in several Orange Tea Theater Productions in Amsterdam. He has appeared in television and film as well.

Emma Dingwall

Emma is a British training actress, writer and voice over based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She studied at LAMDA in London and Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Her voice over work ranges from commercials to language courses to film and television dubbing. She has extensive experience as a training actress, writer, role player and workshop leader in the corporate and public sectors. A keen improviser, she finds it important to reflect the reality of a situation. Her projects include working closely with trainers and clients to create custom made interactive theatre focusing on hot issues.

Sam Morris

Sam Morris is a native English actor with a wide-ranging training background including communications management, behavioural change and healthcare training. Flexible and adaptable, Sam is proficient in a number of training styles, and can help create an enjoyable and productive working environment without compromising on goals and achievements. Sam also works in voiceover providing voices for clients such as Sony Playstation, Glow Europe, Heineken and Unox. He is a co-founder of Orange Tea Theatre.

Lora R. Mander

Lora R. Mander is co-founder of Orange Tea Theatre Company and has an MA in Directing from St Mary’s College in London and a BA in Theatre and Music from Baldwin-Wallace College in the USA. She enjoys working with modern writing, opera and devised theatre. Her experience as a director has given her many skills on project and people management, with an insight into teamwork and goal-orientated planning. Additionally, she has led both acting and public speaking workshops in order to help those wishing to be more comfortable on stage.

Patrick Abbot

Patrick Abbott has been involved in theatre for over 35 years as a writer, actor and director. He is also a professional communications and media trainer specifically in the areas of leadership and management skills, conflict resolution, presentation skills and motivation.

Sandy Topzand

Originally from Zimbabwe, Sandy Topzand has experience in both the corporate world and the theatre. Her experience in the fields of business analysis and project consultancy gives her an excellent overview of the challenges and opportunities that can face businesses of all sizes. She also appears regularly in roles with Orange Tea Theatre, including Christine in American Midget, Attempts on Her Life, Nostalgia and Beautiful Child.

Rod Ben Zeev

Rod Ben Zeev is a trainer and actor who specializes in applied improvisation, presentation and storytelling. He has conducted more than one thousand trainings on five continents in 15 countries and in 3 languages. He has also written 65 episodes of a history show for children in Italy, and 16 episodes of a sitcom in Greece and has performed as a comedian live and on television. Rod has a B.A. in English Literature from Boston University and a M.A. in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam.

Kiki Hohnen

Kiki is Dutch-Australian and is a native speaker of English, French and Dutch. She has a Masters in Psychology and has worked as a teacher for 9 years, currently running her own communications training business. She has been an improv actress with Easylaughs for 7 years and is also a successful freelance actor and trainer. As a psychologist and training actress, she is comfortable with forum theater, motivational interviewing and various models of communication.

Grainne Delaney

Grainne Delaney has a Masters Degree in Theatre and Psychology and worked in Educational Theatre before moving to Amsterdam. As a performer, she embraced Object, and Physical Theatre, experimenting with multi-media under guidance of SinSin Collective. With her knowledge of psychology, personality profiles and leadership qualities, she has facilitated and acted in development courses on the subjects of; Working Across Cultures, Effective Communication, Management and Performance Assessment & Improvisation Workshops, for companies like ABN-Amro, ING Direct, TomTom and Philips.

Mark McDaid

Mark McDaid is writer and actor with a BA in English and Politics from the University of York. Hailing from Ireland he has a background in various team building techniques, group leadership and public speaking as a result of his involvement with the European Youth Parliament and has vast experience in working with multicultural groups. He has also been acting for more than 14 years and works as a tour guide in the city of Amsterdam.

Gerben Tuin

Gerben Tuin has been performing a wide range of characters in theatre for over 15 years. While studying Applied Physics at the TUDelft he wrote and performed cabaret and trained on improvisation, cabaret and the Stanislavski system of acting. October 2011 he became an active performer with Orange Tea Theatre Company.